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So I finally got the right kind of bowl, but no video camera... It seems as if the stars are never aligned... Anyway, I noticed something very interesting as I did this exercise that I thought I would share. When I would inhale then exhale face down, I could never get a smooth steady exhaling all the way through; like I was exhaling for a moment, then pause, then another exhale, then nearly holding my breath until I rolled up to get more air. This improper exhaling does not allow me to get adequate fresh air before I begin to roll my face back down. I am left with short breath. So I tried to rectify this through practice and more practice; yet here is the new dilemma I face, I am rolling up and expelling all of my old air that did not get expelled the prior time that my face is down then getting new air. This is very choppy, and will not work well if I am actually swimming in the pool; my stroke would be completely thrown off. I had been exhausted after a few laps, and this might be the actual awareness now. By the way, the doctor gave me the okay to hit the pool as long as proper supervision was present since I have not had any problems since my problems a short while back. I might wait a week or so, but I am eager to get back to the pool to work on the balancing drills and other things so I can make the progress.
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