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Originally Posted by PanamaRed View Post
...Streamlining becomes more important the faster you go in a fluid (water and air). When you go from 1 mph to 2 mph the drag increases 4X, at 3 mph it is 9X. So if you can reduce your X (drag variable from lets say 1.2 to .9) then you will swim faster with the same stroke power...

But beware of adding more power, in my 180 hp airplane I can cruise at 200 MPH, to increase the cruise to 220 mph I would need to double the HP to 360! Power is produced by energy, in an airplane 200 mph is 10 gallons of fuel an hour and 220 mph would be 20 gallons of fuel and hour. So for swimming or flying, to increase speed in a fluid, the easiest and cheapest way is to reduce drag or to streamline. Conserve energy....
Great post, thanks :)
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