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First thing I noticed - maybe the camera angle - loong arms, loong legs - that's good for streamlining...

Anyway, it is a very nice rhythmic, easy and relaxed stroke. Quiet legs, with small movements, splash free, all very good!

Since you asked for it, here is what I see for improvement.

In the videos you always breathe to the right, and you always breathe when you are on your right side. Your stroke has some differences on the right and left side.
On the left side you enter with your hand flat but very far in front. Also when you are not breathing, you are quite low in the water, your head is sometimes about 10 cm (that's about 4 inches for you Anglo-Saxons and/or Transatlantics) underneath the surface. That results in lifting your head when you breathe. Your left spearing hand goes down when breathing, it works as a lever for the lift to air.
The right hand enters not flat but in an angle - 90 degrees - as Doc Sue mentioned already. But closer to the head than the left entry.

So I think what should be worked on is not spearing so deep with the right arm, keep the entrypoint for the right arm, but enter with a flat hand. Enter closer to the head with the left hand but keep the hand flat as it is. Try not to lift when breathing, but the reason I think is that you are a little too low in the water. I once did a lot of Superman glides and after that I was higher in the water. Maybe breath bilateraly?

I added some pictures from your video.

First is the right hand angled entry, second is the left hand flat entry too far in front. Also in the second picture you can see that your head is completely buried. Third picture also shows the low head position, while #4 and #5 show the lifting of the head when you are breathing..

I don't think you have a scissors kick. That little scissors kick movement goes mainly to camera angle. I think the kick is quite good. Once the lifting for breath is gone you can check again if there is some scissors kick left.

BTW - what is that flying object at the end of the first video? First thought you've lost your teeth (just joking) but that object actually passes you like a rocket and then tumbles down. Looks a bit like a nose clip - someone in the next line had a good nose blow?

Anyway - good work! Keep it up.
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