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Hello Cathy,

To be fair, I must add that a huge part of my stroke has happened because of my Coach, Johnny Widén!
Stay fair with yourself, Johnny undoubtedly did a great job, but you have to swim!

And with Johnny as your Coach you are, as we in Germany say, best saved as good as in Abraham's lap.

Now it becomes clearer to me, what your very first 3-10 FPs have to be. They are even more difficult and complicated than breathing in FS, or a well tuned 2BK... (know it from my own experience)

- be patient with yourself
- be patient with yourself
- be patient with yourself

Best regards,

PS: Terry said to imprint a new skill you have to do it mindfully 7000 times...
Mat is a little more generous, he says, mindfully 4000 times...
I'm nearly sure: You'll get it with mindfully 3000 times!
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