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Salt water and wearing a buoyant wetsuit elevates your position in the water and consequently allows you to swim faster with less effort. Swimming in a regular pool requires proper technique to keep your body elevated.

Breaststroke is unique in that it has so many differing styles, so my suggestions may not apply to your particular style.
Taken with a grain of salt, here are my suggestions to keep you higher in the water:

1. Undulate your body rhythmically. The arms and legs should follow the body rhythm, not the other way.

2. Too much glide in Breaststroke can disrupt your rhythm and balance. You have to get it just right.

3. Press against your buoy (AKA: the lungs in your chest). This helps to keep your balance.

4. Stretch the ankles before swimming. Flexible ankles allow you to swim faster with less effort.

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