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Hi, some news about me. I’M AN IRONMAN. Yes, I am a finisher to the IronMan Mt-Tremblant 2014 (August 17).

Big thank’s to Therry, Suzann... and Total Immersion. 20 month’s ago I was’nt able to swim more than 15 meters. Total Immersion help me to reach my goal. So, on august 17, I was on the beach with 2600 other triathlete. I’m prood to tell you I had finish the swim part in the first 30% of all the triathlete, with a time of 1h14...and it was very easy. My tempo trainer was at 54 spm. If I compare my result for the 3 sports (as per my age group and all the triathlete), my best performance was for the swim part’s ... amazing

To reach that goal, I just follow what Terry told me when I met him at Montreal... ‘’swim with at a low pace stroke, keep your balance, keep a low stroke per lengt and add the tempo gradually.’’ Add to that, reviewing a lot of total immersion video help me to kept a good technic.

So, big thank’s for your help, and I’m very prood to tell everyone: ‘’I swim with Total Immersion method’’ I am the’s work’’

Tomorrow morning I will be on the beach to take part to the ‘Montreal Half Esprit triathlon’ (half Ironman distance)....with a big smile on my face I will know: the swim part will be the easiest of the day :-)

Special thank's to Charles who help me too.

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