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Originally Posted by jpwkeeper View Post
Once again, just a nit. It's a fantastic video and I can't wait to start lesson 3 to get my breathing balance right, but I'm taking it slow.
Hi jpwkeeper,
I had the similar 'can't wait' feeling as yours when practicing drills of 'Freestyle.and.Backstroke' 6 years ago.
At that time, I was ambitious to SWALLOW all the drills in one time practicing. So how to bring all drills to the pool? Obviously the best way is to remember them all by heart. But it is such a challenge to recite them with just watching DVD.
Then I try to note down all the drills name with playing/pausing the DVD. And I finished the job on 2 pages of A4 paper with detailed description of 18 drills of 6 lessons. I brought the paper to the pool and put them in a plastic bag at a corner. During the practice, whenever I forgot details of some drill, I climbed out of the pool, found my papers, and read them.
And probably from the 3rd time to practice the drills in the pool, I never need to climb out of the pool again. I also felt a better understanding of the drills when remembering them by heart.
In the past 6 years, whenever I am back to the pool from a long time without swimming, I can just start to practice the drills. It really helps to quickly recover the senses.

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