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Originally Posted by freshegg View Post
Yes! That's another thing I have noticed, if I happen to be swimming in the lane that has the jet blasting the water into the pool, the force of the jet in my face can practically bring me to a standstill as I'm approaching the wall. It's like swimming upstream.

Which begs yet another question, has anyone else noticed that swimming in one direction often feels different from swimming back in the other direction?

And speaking of dreams, I have a recurring one where I'm swimming and there's no water in the pool at all. I'm basically dragging myself forward along the concrete floor of the pool. Any interpretations?
Ha ha! I've frequently had a very similar dream! Only I do get allowed a little water, about a foot at most. No idea what it means, but I'm told that a dream is a message from yourself to yourself, so your interpretation may vary. We could start a whole thread about swimming dreams.
I've experience the pump jet current very strongly in one particular pool. I always joke that the pool is slanted and I'm swimming "uphill" when I'm going into the current. It's good practice for open water, I guess. What I notice is that the current pushes my upper body up which causes my legs to drop. If I make an effort to press my chest down a little more, I can almost equal the stroke count I get from going "downhill".
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