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Originally Posted by KatieK View Post
... My stroke has phases, not an overall rhythm. I'm definitely aware of the "deliberate" sensation you described, especially since I've been paying more attention to the sensations at each point in the stroke.

... With freestyle, it still seems like there are a whole bunch of tasks to complete on each stroke. ...
I know exactly what you mean.

Still. You can swim several k (unlike me), so your stroke should be quite stable. At a faster pace I don't focus on details, I focus broadly on streamlining and mainly on: catch&spear catch&spear catch&spear...
That makes the rhythm. Everything else should fall into it's place on it's own. And it does. If it does it with me, it must do it with you a lot more because your stroke must be much more stable.

Maybe you 'over-focus'. Why not relax a bit and *trust* your stroke and go for the feel of the rhythm?

I think focussing can become a bad habit, too, if we get unable to drop it when we need to.

Also, how is it when you go really fast, like 0.8 ? Do you still have time to focus on details? Maybe it is easier at fast speeds to get the swing.

Hang on in there!
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