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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
I found it nicely warm in Singapore, although the humidity is quite demanding. And the difference between air-conditioned rooms and the outside is shocking sometimes.
Since I've lived 57 of my 59 years without air conditioning at home (exception being while living in an apt in Richmond VA 1978-79) it's perhaps been easier for me. I'm staying in a fairly rustic 'resort' - a very spartan room, in a row of attached rooms that have doors at front and rear. I close them while sleeping and turn on air con as they call it here. While awake I open them and turn off the ac. The breezes flowing through -- and the bird noises -- make it quite delightful.

I loved the food in S'pore, especially in those hawker centers. My favourite was Maxwell hawker center. If you don't mind the somewhat rustic atmosphere you can eat delicious food for a few Singapore Dollars and have a nice Tiger Beer with it (which costs more than the food).
I've eaten mostly in Hawker centers and like them as much as you do. Also ate from street vendors in Chinatown, topping the meal with durian a very popular fruit that is butt-ugly and has a taste that is acquired. I could see myself developing affection for it over time. Not so the Tiger beer. I had one bottle but am not really a lager drinker.

I first thought that you are swimming in a 50 m pool, I though they are rare or don't exist in Singapore.
The city operates quite a few 50m pools. I swam yesterday in Jalan Besang which shares space with an impressive soccer stadium. They don't believe in lane lines so as it got more crowded it was like OW swimming.
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