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Were there supposed to be two different pictures? They both look the same.

When you're bringing your feet toward the wall, you should point them in line with your legs rather than pointing them forward (as they are in the pictures). The reason is that this will create less drag against the rotation of your body.

If you've ridden on a jet airplane, you may have noticed that right after you land, you feel a sudden braking that pulls you forward against your seatbelt. And if you've ever had a window seat near the wing, you may also have seen why this happens: There are panels on the wing that are raised directly into the airflow right after you land. Having your toes pointed forward, as they are in the pictures, acts as a brake against the rotation of your body in exactly the same way. But pointing them in line with your legs will let you flip over much more quickly, and you can minimize the drag even more by putting one foot over the other.

Obviously, you will have to bring your toes forward eventually in order to plant them on the wall so you can kick off. But you should try to delay bringing your toes forward until the last moment.

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