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Originally Posted by avsharma View Post
Today i tried doing the fish drill as shown in the dvd. I was able to put my head under water from the sweetspot position, but whenever i try to take my head out of the water after breathing out through my nose, water rushes into my sinuses so i loose my balance and just sink. Everytime i take my head out this happens.
Are you able to breathe in your sweet spot before you roll to fish? If so, then the only reasons you wouldn't be able to breathe when you roll back to your sweet spot are:

1) you really aren't rolling back to exactly the same position, or

2) the rolling of your body is momentarily pulling you under the water.

If it's the second of these, then it's just a matter of being patient and giving your body a few seconds to bob back to the surface. If it doesn't bob up far enough to allow you to breathe, then you need to mentally review what your body position is and how it compares to your what your body position was before you rolled to fish, and allow yourself to find your sweet spot again.

For your information: We no longer use the fish position, in which your body is all the way on your side (rotated 90 degrees from being flat on your stomach) with your shoulders stacked. Instead, we use a position in which your body is rotated only about 45 degrees from being flat on your stomach, since (a) it is easier to balance in this position, and (b) it is closer to the amount of body rotation you will want to use when you are actually swimming freestyle.

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