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Yoga has so many advocates and people vehemently extol its benefits, but there is weighty medical evidence that says muscles provide force for movement but must also provide joint stability too. It is a certain fact that overstretched muscles and ligaments are not strong enough to maintain joint integrity, which leaves you prone to injury and pain. I often see footballers and runners grabbing a foot and tugging it behind them, to stretch their quads. In doing so they hyper extend their knee ligaments in a movement that bears no relation to the actions they are about to undergo, and which leaves the joint unstable. Is there any relation to this and the legions of runners and footballers who complain of knee pain in later life?
There are so many 'sacred cows' in the sporting world that do not stand up to scrutiny. Freestyle technique, heel pads on running shoes, static stretching etc. The sports shoe business would have you believe that extra padding on your running shoes is going to make you a better runner, and they sell in their millions. Yoga is a big business too, I wonder whether there may be vested interests by its advocates? is that too provocative Hachu? :-)

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