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Originally Posted by haschu33 View Post
Thanks, caronis, there are some good points in your reply, especially regarding my posts.

I came to the conclusion that I better refrain from certain comments. There is no real point in just stirring up peoples minds. When Terry declares the use of kickboards as nonsense, then anybody can question that and will get good reasons and an alternative way to go. Unlike that I cannot offer any alternative route, I am simply not in the position to advise anybody in terms of spirituality.
Also I have absolutely no desire to gain any reputation like that.
I'll give you a specific example of something you said in the past that had me a bit "unnerved" (so to speak) because it had me questioning a core reality.

You were questioning the value and purpose of constantly striving for better and better times.

However, I realize that these higher (30,000 ft. level) perspectives can be valuable even if a person is hard pressed for quality answers.

I'll give you a couple of examples....The first is a story about goals told by Stephen Covey in his landmark book entitled "First Things First".

He told a tale of a client who I'm not sure is even real, but that's irrelevant anyway....The man was a successful businessman who had as his yearly goal to make one million dollars. He never scrutinized and deeply questioned the "Why" of his goal. He set it and went to it.....In that year he got so focused and absorbed in his goal that he allowed nothing to detract from it. However, as he pursued this ambition, he neglected time spent on his family. He never had in mind that deeper "Why" of making one million dollars in that year....The "Why" was to benefit his family....Well, in that year's time, his kids had issues in school, personal life, and ended up getting heavily involved in drugs....Had he realized and kept in mind this higher minded perspective of why it was so important to reach this arbitrary figure, he would have cut back his time on the million dollar mark as a goal, and spent more time dealing with family issues. That's because the True Goal, was to make Life Better for his Family....He needed to step back and gain perspective, but instead relentlessly focused on this arbitrary goal.....sometimes goals can be deceptive in that though they can be powerful driving forces, without seeing them in the proper context, we can end up off the mark....This man made his million dollar goal for the year, but the price he paid, ended up costing him quite a bit.

And to bring this back to the swimming world....Here is another example that IS a Real Life Example.....Diana Nyad in her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida. I don't know much about her, but I imagine people in this forum must know her on some level....She's attempted this swim twice (or is it more?) and went very far, but had to abort the attempt. She had to deal with asthma, jellyfish, etc.....I imagine it would be valuable for her to have in mind the strong "Why" of doing this and if it's worth continuing and trying again....Or even again, and again.....I don't know what floats her boat (so to speak). I'm not one who can judge the value of it, but that powerful "Why" might get her to do it again and possibly succeed at it......or end the quest and rest on her laurels......I imagine one day, maybe well, well into the future someone will actually do this. and I can imagine them tipping their hat to her and acknowledging her efforts.....Maybe even a 10 year old girl who witnessed her effort.....Or maybe long into the future, in which case, the respect to Diana should be greater because it may take over 100 years before someone actually does this.....Maybe if she was to try this one last time, maybe she should swim from Florida to Cuba :-) .....Maybe getting the part she has never completed in her swim done first, the rest of the way might be much easier psychologically. It's an interesting thought because it is kind of counter-intuitive because politically we think of Cubans fleeing to Florida, not the other way around....

Anyway, these higher-minded perspectives can be valuable, even if it's an exercise that doesn't give us the sharpest answers....Sort of like how businesses create Mission Statements that are a bit unclear.

One last example is that also maybe we don't need to have such an well-thought out answer.....maybe we can just do as a T-Shirt I saw that said....."Shut up And Dance!"...............One of the most famous quotes is by Sir Edmund Hillary. He as asked, "Why are you attempting to climb Mt Everest".....His answer....."Because it is There!"......sometimes maybe even that type of simplicity is all that we need.
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