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Default Wind & waves vs. distance

Help again please…
(different {potential} problem, but same swim as 'Freezing COLD, even in a Wetsuit')
can anyone generalise, or is the question I'm about to ask too specific?
the end point is fixed, however the starting point isn't: we've a choice of where we set off from.
a. would you swim a longer distance (3/4 mile further) with the wind (15-20mph), at say a 30 degree angle to your line of travel (blowing from behind you), or
b. swim a shorter distance (3/4 mile less), at a 90degree angle to the wind?
Hope that makes sense?
thanks in advance

I think I've sorted out my cold in a wetsuit scenario if anyone's in the same position and needs advice (I'd like to contribute, rather than just asking questions all the time).
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