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After a decent week of consistent swimming (finally) I began this week with a practice session 'from the pages' of Terry's example and experienced a pretty cool outcome of pace and stroke length control.

Monday May 2 YMCA 25yd pool
5 x 100 Freestyle
I maintained a relaxed 14/15 spl, my times:
1:35 / 1:35 / 1:32 / 1:31 / 1:30
After the second repeat I knew I'd have to focus, concentrate harder, if I was going to continue to descend, and I did. My thoughts were on passing through my target area on extension and floating my arm forward; with no overt kick or pressure on the stroke arm at catch.

4 x 50 Backstroke
Maintain stroke length (16spl), no marked times, focused on rhythm and ease.

4 x 50 FL/BK (:54sec. / :53sec. / :52sec. / :51sec.)
4 x 50 BK/BR (:55sec. / :55sec. / :56sec. / :54sec.)-(:53sec.)
4 x 50 BR/FR (:50sec. / :49sec. / :48sec. / :47sec.)-(:47sec.)
On round one I focused on progressively swimming smoother on fly @ 8-9 spl and rhythm on back @ 16 spl.. "Float through" on the 8-9 fly and make the 16 easier on back. I sensed the fly got easier as I progressed, even when I hit 8.5 then 8spl.

On round two I felt unsure, and after the second repeat I thought to put a bit of 'attention' on my grip... wrong! On the fourth repeat I then focused on a relaxed but "cat like" return to streamline, no big pressure on the 'pull' forward but slide just under the surface and extend; breathe quickly, then slide right back. This felt right and I descended, so I gave it another 50 and, boom, :53 sec.

On round three a combination of a focused stretch on both the breast lengths and the free gave me the necessary timing I needed to descend the set. Hold streamline just a bit longer after the second and third strokes off the wall in breaststroke, then again just into the last two strokes of breaststroke to the wall. Then extend the stretch to the fourth stroke in breast off the wall and the last three to the wall and so on. Kept the free strokes to 14.

5 x 100 Freestyle
I began my stroke length as in the first set and this time tried to subtract strokes while hoping to increase pace. My 'excitement' came when I actually managed to do so, however, on this go it was a bit more effort-full than I would like to swim, nonetheless a good skill to continue to make easy(er).
1. 1:27 @ 58 strokes
2. 1:25 @ 57 "
3. 1:23 @ 56 "
4. 1:21 @ 54 "
5. 1:20 @ 58 "
As the "peewees" were strolling in for their lessons I thought I would not have time to complete the last 100 (I wanted 1:20) and my session but as luck would have it I still had just under 3 min.(clock was wrong) so off I go and... got my 1:20 (although I let go of subtracting I saved 7 seconds @ the original stroke count in this set and 15 seconds from the first set @ the same count. The big surprise was repeats 1 thru 4. I think this is the first time I managed to subtract strokes systematically and go faster, cool!)
I even had time for,

Set#5(recover & smile)
2 x 50 EZ Free @ 12/13 spl

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