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Although I had been to a TI weekend workshop in February of 1999, I never really "got" the idea of relaxing until I went through my TI coach training in 2002.

Coach Kevin Millerick was trying to get me to relax on a drill called Back Balance (which we no longer use in our freestyle training program because it is more related to backstroke). I explained to him that all of the instructions they were giving for the Back Balance drill were, to me, the exact opposite of relaxing. So Kevin told me to forget all of the other instructions and to just try relaxing and see what happened. After I tried it, he told me that all I needed to do was tilt my chin a little more toward my chest and I'd be fine. When I tried it, I suddenly, for the first time, felt so relaxed in that position that I literally felt like I could go to sleep!

Note that Back Balance was a "do nothing" drill that was designed to teach nothing but balance. Equivalent drills in our current program include Superman Glide, Core Balance, and Skate. Of course, when you proceed to the more active drills, "relaxing" will not be as good a description of what you are doing. But, because of your experience with the "do nothing" drills, you will be able to insure that your effort is actually being directed entirely toward propulsion.


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