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Default Zen vs Zipper

In zen, the body should be a bit more tilted in, and the elbow should be a lot more out. If you are sinking significantly, you are probably lifting too high. i see many people who think they are barely clearing the water each time but actually they are lifted straight up from the shoulder.
I like chaning positions across the pool. If your forearm is two feet long, try starting across with your first zenskate having the entire arm just under or at the surface. Lift it only two inches each time. if you are doing this right, it should take 12 or 13 lifts to get all the way up, and along the way you will find that place where you go from smooth balance to sinking. Go back a step and you've probably found the right angle for your shoulder to elbow line. From there, allow the forearm to tense lightly as it swings a bit wider, and you can move into a recovery that comes out of the water.
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