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Default Pressure when doing Zen Skating


Been a big TI fan for quite a while :) Now, I'm doing Lesson 2 & 3 of Easy Freestyle and quite happy with the results so far (though far from perfect). Anyway, to prepare for Lesson 4 (Zen Skate & Switch), I tried my hands at it in between the lessons. Here's what happened, when I drew my hand as instructed, I felt pressure from above (hope that is the correct word) that made my whole body sink deeper, and also it impeded my movement. Only when I did return my hand to its position, everything went back to normal again (no pressure and smooth movement). So, what happened to me?? What have I done wrong? I'm afraid that I can't do the whole stroke if the problem persists.

Thanks guys,

P.S. Actually this is a repost, I posted this on Sunday but for some reason it hasn't appeared in the forum :(.
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