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Originally Posted by CoachStuartMcDougal View Post
... I often see swimmers tucking chin and looking back as they follow shoulder to air on their weaker side. Tucking the chin also causes the body to yaw right on right shoulder breath and yaw left on left shoulder breath. ...
That is exactly what I found I was doing a while back (it's a prime focus for me now). There were some extended conversarions about it here, complete with diagrams Tom had commented on a video of mine and we'd both found that "looking slightly forward" on breathing corrected it, or at least for me it broke the fault logjam!

Hi Richard,
FWIW today I found I could get a cue on my head position from the bow wave. My head/breath position is best when I find myself looking at/into the side of it.

As you say, proprioception, swimming in water especially, is biased towards what we already feel we know. Generally I find that correcting something entails feeling it first to be wrong/uncomfortable so again this is stronger in water. With the backward breathing (which for me was also partly responsible for getting mouthfuls of water) I initially found it helpful to feel my head turn as looking a few degrees forward from the 90', as what felt like 90' clearly wasn't.
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