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Default Unusual advice from a tri coach

I was swimming my usual session in the pool this morning.
I got chatting to the person in the next lane who turned out to be a US certified child and adult triathlon coach.

She was trying to motivate me to partake in a sprint triathlon.
I said that I should be OK in the swim specially following the TI method with my 2BK that would leave me and my legs with enough to complete the rest.
She said no no no, that's wrong, the kick in the swim leg of a tri must be a steady flutter which left me a little confused.

It just left me wondering that if I was a rank swimming beginner who knew no better that I would be taking her advice as gospel!

I'm not going to hold it against her that I was lapping her easily over 100 yards. As a coach I am sure it's case of do as I say rather than do as I do!

Am I missing something here?
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