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Default Maho Women

I went to Maho to celebrate getting my Medicare card. I have paddled around in open water for years, but I was decidedly a smooth water swimmer.

What I experienced, and did not expect, was the trill of rounding America's Point, hitting chop and waves, and loving it! By dropping my head (where it was supposed to be, but it does tend to wander in traffic), the world below was relatively calm. I was able to keep up my cadence, make progress, and exit the water with a HR just above 100. The same held true on our final 5K swim when most of us felt like we could have gone for the 5 miles (next year we will I am sure).

I have to say, the company of supportive (believe me Celeste is supportive but she does not in any way enable or baby anyone) and competitive women (and yes, it was competitive no matter what you say youngins') made the rounding of that point possible on many levels. Once around, it opened a new swimming world to me.

I stayed a few extra days and took off for a swim around unknown bends every day. I missed my swimming pod, but kept my head down and rode the waves with abandon.

My take away: this TI stuff really works!
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