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We were enormously encouraged by the response to our Womens Camp at Maho Bay. From a self-interested point of view because women, unlike men, are inclined to invite friends and loved ones to join them in an activity, making it somewhat easier to fill a camp or workshop. But just as much because some women who would love the OW experience will be galvanized to make it happen if there's an opportunity to experience it in the company of other women.

So we do plan more womens programs, in the pool too. And it will be TI's women coaches who take the lead in planning and conducting them.

One thing I'm pleased about is that, in 2010, 75% of those completing our coach training program were women, and women constitute the majority of those registered thus far for our first 2011 program March 5-11 in San Diego. TI is developing what I am confident is the best prepared group of women teaching professionals in all of swimming and this cannot help but have an effect on our organizational culture.
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