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Default Hot and cold

I was hoping to use the 50m pool at the Talisman center yesterday, but they didn't move the bulkhead until late evening, so I headed to the coolest (temperature wise) 25m city pool I know of with plans to do more 100m pace intervals. I've been doing these since getting back from Gozo.

As soon as I walked onto the pool deck I knew I'd have to change my plans. It was very crowded and the lanes were a mix of speed groups, with no one lane that had people all my speed. So, I hopped into a lane with two women and a man who were a bit slower than me and started off with a gentle 1000m warm-up swim. I've been having some r.s.i. issues with my forearms & elbows, so the focus was soft hands, avoiding pain at the elbows and any sort of tension in the hands and forearms.

After finishing the warmup, I started to alternate between 50 fast (faster than my usual 100s) and 50 very slow with focus on streamlining and catch. Lots of rest after each 50 - almost a sprint - but no particular time goal as I was mainly trying to avoid running up the back of the other three swimmers.
After a time a lane became free and I had it to myself for a little while and could watch the pace clock and aim for specific rest and interval times. About 20 seconds rest (heart rate back to normal) after sprints and 5-10 seconds after the slow 50s.

Because I was doing the slow recovery 50 with technique emphasis in between, my stroke count for the fast 50s was consistent to the end. I did 15 of these in the end and could have done more, but the lap session ended.
All in all, I was pretty pleased with it. This was a very intense session, yet I was able to work around the other swimmers in the lane.

I think I'll do this kind of session every other week from now on. It's physically more tiring than the 15 x 100s, yet the technique emphasis makes it mentally challenging as well.
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