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Default timing is everything - if relaxed...


Thanks for your reply and your pointers. And congratulations on your Eureka moment. I logged onto the site to re-read about your moment and methods before heading for a swim. Your post is very insightful and brought about quite a valuable set of replies.

Lately I seem to have been stuck on a plateau and should soon climb to the next level as described the the book about mastery (that was discussed on the site a while back). A couple of weeks ago I thought I had left the present plateau for the next but have regressed slightly. When the breathing worked, I recall, I maintained an unhurried and somewhat relaxed state. After each breath I'd say to myself ... well that worked ... and so on ...until I lost focus or confidence. (I think what happened was not enough ex-hale.)If it worked once it should work forever.

So today I will follow your suggestions as closely as possible. And as you say finding the rhythm takes a lot of practise. Also, I agree that the window of opportunity will seemingly get larger as the rhythms get in sync.

Your analogies are really helpful. Thanks again,

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