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Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
Do you feel it built your core strength and helped with breathing timing?
Mike- I like the "corkscrew" drill for maintain a straight body line and for learning to control body postion without my arms (arms either at my side or "locked" above my head in streamline. Good core strength drill, as well.

For core strengthing in the pool, I really like dolphin kicks with fins.

I also have used forceful multi-switches with big rubber fins to develop rotational power. The fins are used more as an anchor than a source of kicking power; the power comes from the core driving the spearing arm forward.

No single drill has helped with breathing; a lot of little things have helped. The key milestones in finding air have been:
1. Raising lead arm to 3:00 (straight ahead) so I am not being pulled deep by a downward-angled leading arm.
2. Straightening my body line, primarily by reducing lumbar lordosis and keeping my head in neutral positon (not deep, not facing forward).
3. Shortening my power phase (pull). Forced elbow straightening in the terminal 1/4 of my ultra-long pull pushed my front end deep and away from air. I now recover as my hand passes my waist and my fingers stop pointing at the bottom of the pool and start pointing behind me, while my elbow is still partially flexed. With the earlier recovery, my head stays at the surface without bobbing deep.

Hope this helps,
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