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Timing the breathing is my greatest difficulty. It is something which is taking me a lot of learning time. All that has been written tells "what and how" but my learning curve is still a steep slope. No doubt with lots more practice it will fall into place as I learn to optimal degree of rotation whilst learning to maintain best case alignment and streamlined positions.

I would ask for opinions on this ... if it is thought to be helpful or possibly building a bad habit. I have been trying to proceed down the pool powered only by a gently kick (with fins) and arms at my side. As I go I rotate as if a bullet turning due to the rifling. (A very slow and multi directional bullet!) Rotation is due to mostly core muscles efforts; leaving the arms alone to follow along. My whole point is to grab air at the appropriate moment and exhale as soon as I am back face down - just to experience that part of the cycle. Sometimes patience to surface is required as I come around to the air again. I rotate clock wise during for one length and CCW on the return trip. I'm trying to get used to the "sensations" of, when it is time to breath, the "sensations" of keeping the head aligned properly and staying streamlined, as well as the feeling or development of core muscles. I can't see anything but benefits, however your opinions are appreciated.

Possibly this will transcend into rotation to the left far enough to almost sweet spot then back to the equivalent rotation to the right without the complete rotation - maybe complete rotation is a starting point to build and expand a comfort zone.

I must have seen this "drill" on a clip somewhere but that has been so long ago that I can't recall where. If this was a TI clip, then that answers my question as to whether it is considered a drill of value or not.

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