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Default TI side effects

I juste wanted to share here a few of the side effects I have noticed after a few month of TI training (it's been about 4 month now for me with 3 - 4 practice a week).

Standing tall: I try to correct any slouching in my posture when I walk nowdays (unfortunately I don't think about it as often when sitting and working, because my focus is elsewhere).

Being relaxed: when I start feeling tension in my body (either stress, or muscle fatigue after practice), I take a few "yoga breath" until I feel some relaxation in my body.

Focus: I also run, and I try to switch focus every few minutes, one moment is on my stride, another one on ... feeling relaxed, another oner on having my head straight up (towards the end).

Feel free to share your own thoughts on TI side effects, I'd be glad to read about it.
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