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Default Pressure on the back of my lead hand

I have got a question about the correct position of my lead hand, after spearing and before the catch.

I noticed today that I was not letting my hand hang down, as we were taught on the TI workshop. I am not holding it stiff either though. It is semi-relaxed pointing downwards slightly more than my forearm.

So I made it a focus for a length to let my wrist go completely floppy. My hand hung lower - but then I could clearly feel water pressure (ie resistance) on the back of my hand.

Then just for an experiment, I tried raising my hand - and I felt the pressure on my palm. I understand that this is a common problem that the TI hanging hand is designed to avoid. But I seem to have found a slightly more streamlined position than the specified floppy-wrist one. Is my position ok, or is there some other reason to let my hand hang that I have overlooked? If so, is it normal to feel that pressure on the back of my hand?

I should mention that I always swim a slowish stroke-rate (about 1.5 - 2 secs), because I am new to TI and working on my technique. This means I tend to pause and glide after each spearing action. Maybe if my stroke-rate increased I would not have time to notice this resistance on my hand? Or maybe it is too insignificant to care about?

Can anyone enlighten me?
Thanks, Nick.
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