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Default What do these TI terms mean?

I've worked through most of the Ultra-Efficient Freestyle e-book and videos, and while my TI-style front crawl has improved (I think), I'm baffled by some of the terms and concepts.

"engaged core" and "stable core": I'm trying to imagine an "unstable" care and can't. How do you "engage" your core?

"weight shift": Do you actually feel your weight shift? If so, does it feel like one side of your body tipping over to the other?

"holding the water" with hands. You actually feel your hand anchored (so to speak) in the water?

"bodyline is stable and streamlined": I know that traditional swimming uses the term "streamline" to mean holding arms tight above head and compressing the body tightly, usually for an upside-down dolphin kick after flip turn. But what does "streamline" mean in a TI context? And how do you do it?

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