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Thank you Bob and Inga

I eventually got the hang of the shoulders lifting correctly this evening in the pool.

"- Perhaps you "work" against this lifting of the body. It sounds queer, but I did that in the beginning. I never had pain in my back but after this exercise. When I "released" the body, letting this rotation in the short axis happen, it was easy to get air and my back wasn't sore after swimming"

"The core body movement that is central to butterfly is the body dolphin. It is initiated by pressing your chest into the water and letting the ripple travel down to your toes. It is the buoyancy of your lungs in the water that lifts your chest back up again"

It was allowing the buoyancy of the water to lift me up towards the surface i had all wrong!!! I wasn't allowing this to happen and as a result my arm strokes were completely out of syn with the rest of the Body.

Thank you both very much...

Bob, a side note - when allowing the buoyancy effect on the Breast Stroke I eventually got the knack of the stroke and ended up doing a full length correctly i.e. sweep out / sweep in, shoulders lift, breath taken, thrust arms forward and get head in to water and between arms quickly, thrust legs and feet and glide / streamline: The most amazing sensation I've ever had in the water period!!!!

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