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Today I was in the pool again. Again in the kiddy pool.
I think the pulsing itself is ok, but I tend to inverse the rythm.
I tend to make a bigger pulse with the arm sweep and as a result a little one with the recovery. Regardless of the little pulse I can do the recovery over the surface but I think that's because of my very flexible shoulders.
So that is what I am now working on: to do a little pulse with the arm sweep, then the recovery pulse is automatically the big one.

I did a lot sculling dolphin. Others swim breast stroke, i swim sculling dolphin instead. I don't like breast stroke. But so I'm used to a distinctive pulse with the arm sweep.
Now I try to do a little pulse and lead it more forward.
I did some length (12 m) with small fins. With them I noticed very clearly when i did a bigger pulse. Afterwards without fins it was better also.

And I'm still not patient enough. I don't really glide after the recovery pulse.
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