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Back from the pool and I hope this text will not get to confusing.

The normal pool was crowded so I was in the kiddy pool again.
I started with Terry's streamline dolphin, then skulling dolphin and then pulsing, one stroke and pulsing.

Steamline dolphin and skulling dolphin worked well, and also the one stroke. But I noticed, when I was doing one stroke, the pulsing without stroke afterwards was bad.
When adding a second stroke instead of pulsing without stroke it felt better. But I think it's a "false" feeling because the movement of the strokes covers the movement of the pulse. So I sticked to only one stroke and several pulses afterwards and I tried to really streamline the pulses and don't get hectic.

And I realised an other thing (a problem I often have when learning a new movement): When I got tired the movements got more fluent. I always try hard to do all correct and control my body so that I'm to stiff and not relaxed.
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