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I don't know if I got the right article, but I think you meant the article about the short axis pulsing.
It's right, pulsing is the better word than kicks and that's exactly what's difficult for me: to avoid to kick strongly or better, to kick only to lengthen the body line.

I was in the pool in the morning and worked through some of terry's drills and tried to concentrate on a fluent pulse. I often had difficulties because the "arm stroke pulse" was to big and so I wasn't really able to continue fluently with the "recovery pulse". But it's getting better.
I need not to complain, it was the third hour I spent on butterfly, so naturally it's miles away from perfect.
I tried a year before with terry's old concept, but I didn't get along at all. I couldn't integrate the arm movements into the pulsing movement.
The other way round, to let the arm/ shoulder movement create the body pulse works better for me.
Today I was in the kiddies pool, 12 m in length. I needed three arm cycles to get throw ergo 6 pulses (and one to "initiate" movement, I did not push off).
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