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My true goals for yoga were (i) to learn to enjoy practicing solo, overcoming my feeling that I needed a teacher and class to have the discipline to practice, and (ii) to feel better as a result of practice.
Having achieved the first and feeling on the way to the second, I don't presently have any 'performance' goals in yoga. E.G. To put my nose to my knee in the 1-legged forward bend (don't know the sanskrit name for this). I did make this a goal for my 50th birthday and achieved it. But now I'm happy to accept whatever comes.

And what seems to be coming is small but satisfying progress. The most noteworthy is that my one-legged balance has become far steadier, as a result of doing 5 poses nearly every day that involve this. I often do them facing the rising sun in the morning, or the setting sun in the evening.

This is a highly valuable health-oriented goal since gerontologists say that working to maintain balance after age 60 is critical to healthy aging. Many people lose their sense of balance and falls - leading to broken hips - are one of the leading threats to well-being in the aged. Not that I'm anywhere near that, but I do intend to continue with this practice for the rest of my life.
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