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Originally Posted by dshen View Post
Lately, I have been big on building strength. I have been using some techniques popularized in 4 Hour Body, which led me to Barry Ross's Underground Secrets to Faster Running. This then led me to and Pavel's many different strength building methods from Russia (here is a selection from amazon).

I have been deadlifting and bench pressing, and also added in some kettlebells and indian club swinging into the mix. With regards to swimming, I am finding that my shoulders don't get sore any more - first was because I was swimming with TI, but secondly, I think that my whole upper body muscle structure is more balanced and stronger.

I was wondering if anyone else has been using strength building techniques for swimming and any comments about how it has worked or not worked. Does anyone have any links to strength programs used for swimmers?

I think what you are doing is fine. I work with a personal trainer with my cycling team adn we do 1 hour once per week of planks & TRX work along with some basic lifts & machine work (pullups & dips). I have the same feeling that my shoulders do not get as tired and I'm less fatigued int he water.

I think ongoing strength work is important beause freestyle swimming is an unbalanced activity, but the gains you see will reach diminishing returns at which point more (quality) swimming will be the key factor.

Likewise for very new people, pretty much anything will help. Strength work may even mask poor technique because people can suffer t hrough sloppy strokes a little longer, note the improvement and feel like they should continue to do more strength work to improve.
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