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Originally Posted by terry View Post

As one anthropologist said, "The human brain did not evolve to ponder metaphysics."
Exactly. The brain is an organ, without it's 'owner' and user it is just a bunch of cells. It's a bit like a calculator which can do complicated calculations: if I don't use it it's functionality is worthless. The brain is in fact a lot better: it can maintain a lot of functions of the body on it's own. But it can not ponder over meta-physics, and it cannot solve problems. And it is not the source of consciousness, it is not even the dwelling place of consciousness.
The problem with science is that there are still a lot of scientists out there who didn't get the change of paradigm that the findings of quantum physics brings us. Since more than a hundred years now, mind you. We might think something like 'I only believe what I see' but quantum physics, and in fact the classical science also, tells us that we only see what we believe. There is no objective world out there, independent of the observer as the classical, deterministic Newtonian physics tells us. Any observation we do or a scientist is doing, or a scientific measuring device is doing is completely depending on the observer, the place and the time. In fact quantum physics start to realize that consciousness is a constitutional factor of our world. And that there are indications that consciousness can exist independent of the body.
Which has been stated by spriritual traditions since hundreds and thousands of years.
So the question: what is reality? can only be answered in one way: it depends.

Now, what has all this to do with swimming? Basically not more and not less than it has to do with anything else. I simply blame you Terry ;-), you are constantly inviting a view of swimming that points to meta-physical realities. Now, if we do it, why not follow it a bit further?

But, I think, you will not face a lot of opposition with statements like 'the brain is a problem solving machine'. The classical view of a solid and independent reality is firmly anchored in the mainstream thinking. Robert Anton Wilson calls it: naive reality. Nils Bor said: if quanten physics doesn't shock you, you didn't understand it. Ok, who wants to be shocked - life is complicated enough. I got my shocks in small and digestable portions through my spiritual life from my youth when I spent some time in india and from Tibetan Buddhism later. When you practice a different view of reality it is not a shock at all. It's like swimming: you have to stop reading at some point and do it. So the findings of quantum physics are more of a joy to me and have a great entertaining value. BTW the view points of tib. Buddhism and quantem physics are amazingly close. That's probably why quantum physics like to meet with the Dalai Lama.
But, just to have mentioned it, there is no such thing as freedom or liberty without getting as close to truth, or reality as possible. In fact, realizing reality and becoming free is the same. Denying it and staying imprisoned also.
Hey, swimmers, aren't we all freedom fighters? ;-)

Coming back to your book, this statement:
' No other physical skill or activity matches the unique potential of swimming to produce transformation and transcendence as well as improve physical health.'
is quite a bold assertion, I think. Did you ever talk to horse back riders? There is a saying in German (unfortunately loses it's charme when being translated) that says: the paradise of this earth is on the back of a horse. Horseback riders experience that what they call the 'unity of rider and horse' that is similar or the same that others call flow states. Although this might be more in the classical style and not in the Western style of riding. I bet horseback riders experienced that long before someone got the idea to call it flow states. And there are more horseback riders out there that experience this transcendental state than swimmers. But I appreciate absolutely that your are determined to change that ;-)
And, ok, a little provocation can be quite helpful.
Also, don't forget long distance runners and their endorphine states, ...

Again, don't get me wrong, I am absolutely in favour of your book and have no intentiion to discourage you. I am just stating some views that some other individuals might also share. What you do with it is of course your business and if you don't want to hear such comments, that is perfectly ok, I can manage to shut up. And still keep swimmimg. The TI way. :-)

And I like that 'Aging Swimmers (i.e. all of us)'. Good humour.

Anyway, I attach a link to an hilarious explanation of quantum physics by Robert Anton Wilson (don't mind the few sentences in German at the beginning, they are meaningless) for those who are into such kind of things. Or don't know yet they are into it. Or are not into it.
Explanation of Quantum Physics
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