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After several months of practicing TI I realized I had the head position wrong all along! It is natural to want to look ahead to see where you're going and when I read the great Shinji on youtube saying that he prefers to look forward a bit, I gave myself permission to do the same. I didn't realize how doing so was creating tension in my neck and making me unbalanced.

This week I went back to doing more drill work and specifically, focusing on releasing my head to the water and looking straight at the bottom of the pool. When I did whole stroke, it felt much better, like I was swimming downhill and my legs felt lighter, just floating behind me. After being at a plateau for some time, I feel like I am making good progress again. Today I did some stroke counting and realized my improved balance and relaxation, and longer glide, have lowered my stroke count from 18 to 16.

By the way, FME is the older version of the dvd. The newer one, Easy Freestyle, has some significant changes in it. In FME, the woman with fistgloves rotates far more than is now recommended. You can see how wobbly she gets when she's on her side. That's also probably why her head is so far underwater.

Best wishes on your TI journey.
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