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Originally Posted by TVMan View Post
Got around to counting strokes today and was astounded. At my comfortable pace it took 30-31 strokes to do a 25.

After doing 300 I decided to push to see what 17-20 was like

I was able to do a 25 hitting 18, but was very winded
First, cutting off :35 is a HUGE speed gain--that's great. But swimming with a longer stroke (and lower SPL) should not come from "pushing" or swimming harder. That may be why you felt so winded.

Your goal should be to swim smooth and easy, and lower SPL and highers speeds will follow. Trying to muscle your way to lower SPLs by swimming harder is ultimately counterproductive. Balance and streamline and body position--and above all, AWARENESS, are the ticket to sustained progress.

So, other than "winded," how did it feel to swim at 18 SPL compared to 31? That's a HUGE gain in SPL. What were you doing differently? What variables of body position and motion did you notice or feel as you swam? How was your head position? How deeply were you spearing? How much of that low SPL feeling can you keep doing WITHOUT working hard enough to get so winded?

Start asking yourself all kinds of questions about "How did I do that? And how can I do that next time with even less effort?" and your swim practices will become endlessly fascinating, and you'll make progress and get faster and fitter, too.
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