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Hi Dupdup,

Terry's not advocating for not breathing out underwater, nor holding your breath at anytime, as he notes in his first statement: "Make air exchange continuous never hold breath at any time"

Exhaling too quickly, too early will change buoyancy, especially with guys and heavy hips. It's important "make the air exchange continuous", but clearly there's more time to exhale than inhale; establishing good timing of both exhale and inhale is absolutely necessary.

In short, after quick inhale, begin a slow controlled exhale until you roll to get air on next stroke. At roll is when you empty you lungs as chin follows shoulder to air. Unlike Terry, I like to use "empty lungs" when rolling to breathe to underscore the timing of when to exhale quickly and forcibly, although you don't completely empty lungs.

Here's a video that demonstrates body position with continuous breathing holding enough air back (slow exhale) until chin follows shoulder to air, as well as, exhaling too quickly too soon. SwimVICE - How to Make Breathing Comfortable in Freestyle

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