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I do not often count the SPL. One reason is, that I concentrate on a FP and then I always loose the count. The other reason ist, that I don't want to destroy the great feeling while swimming with counting.
Until now I even didn't use the TT. I'm swimming for pleasure not to get the fastest. So perhaps the "real" swimmers have an other opinion:

I think counting is a tool. If you imprint a new technique the SPL can show if there is something wrong or perhaps also if you really hit the point. If your SPL gets much higher, something is wrong.

And also if you speed up: If your SPL gets rather high then, perhaps it's too fast at the moment and it would be better to swim with FP at lower speed.

Yesterday I counted the SPL: it was 20 without really pushing off and without long glide to the distant wall. For my hight, that's ok, it's in the middle of the green zone.

It was the same the last time I counted about a year ago, but the time for the length was 5 sec. faster. I counted, because my swimming now feels very different from the swimming a year ago and because I begin to overtake swimmers that always overtook me. And because I had a free lane, which isn't often.
It's a bit funny, because the last year I didn't swim often at all and when I swam, I didn't swim much freestyle. I was doing drills for FS or Butterfly and often swam butterfly in the kiddies pool because early in the morning there is nobody. But this pool is too short for freestyle (12 m)

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