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Default Newbie looking for advice

Although I am an experienced/competitive runner and cyclist, I never learnt to swim as a child and I have been afraid of the water ever since. However, about a year ago at a somewhat late stage in my life (I retire next year) I decided to learn to swim.

I initially had some lessons at a local pool that got me nowhere, and then a few months later after searching the web bought a TI book, worked through the drills and made some progress, but I was still struggling. Three months ago, after doing a bit more searching, I bought the "effortless endurance self coaching course", which I have found easier to use, with less emphasis on the leg kick.

I have now made a bit more progress, such that I can just about manage a length (25m), albeit with poor form/style; and feel that I need some advice to help me progress further. Attached is a link to a video of me swimming a length. I would appreciate any comments that would assist me in improving
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