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Terry: I just devoured 2/3 of the book last night, staying up really late, despite really needing sleep to meet friends for a 7:30 16k run this am!!

The book is a pleasure to read, coherently put together, making intellectual sense and connecting emotionally, too. It reinforced everything I remembered from the bits and pieces of the available TI books and videos that I could get hold of up to now. Plus it seems that there is more thoughtful and thorough treatment of the propulsive aspect that I don't seem to remember finding before. Perhaps I wasn't paying attention or wasn't reading everything that you had out there. Whatever the case, I feel there is more than adequate rebuttal to anyone who claims that TI doesn't address propulsion aspects adequately. And I know that we followers of this forum are mostly TI converts already, but the priority as stated in the book is, as always in TI, first balance, then streamline then propulsion, as it should be.

One emotional connection that really resonated was your interaction with Marilyn Bell. She is indeed a Canadian icon, and the story of your restoration of the joy of swimming 60 years later to a heroine in the history of my adopted country brought a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes.

A personally interesting photo for me appeared on the first page of Chapter 1. I have always been struck by how low I float under the water surface due to high density (from video that was shot of me), and I have always ascribed my difficulties breathing and slowness to this unavoidable fact. Your swimmer in this photo swims almost as low under the surface as I usually swim, and he doesn't look in any trouble at all. If your photo model can do ok despite high density, then my alibi is gone; I just have to get back to the book again, and figure out what drill I have to work on next!

I have compiled a list of inconsequential typos that I would like to submit to you or your editor, but I don't think this is the place to regurgitate it. Please direct me to where I should post it.

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