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Greetings and happy holidays!

Very nice work. You look more relaxed in the water.

Wider spear. Keep your hands on rails, like train tracks. These are defined by the line from your shoulder to your hip on each side, and the lines extend in front of you. I'm seeing your hands spearing directly in the middle in front of your head. So move those 6 inches wider.

Elbow-leading recovery. It looks like your hands are aiming to reach as soon as they exit the water. Try relaxing them as soon as they reach your hips, and concentrate on moving your elbow in a circular arc with your hand fully relaxed below and behind the elbow. Also, the elbows should exit more to the side, outside the body line. I see it behind you and above you. The visual is "opening the gate."

Kick is a little too strong on the right side. Otherwise good timing there.

Keep up the good work. You have a nice pool to practice in and are making excellent progress!
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