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There is something optimistic in your stroke. Maybe because you suddenly burst into live when the transition between float and swimming happens.
Quite powerfull armpulls you are making with quite a nice flow in the swim.
I would suggest to keep the power part of the arm stroke underwater, and relax the part of the armstroke that goes over the water.
Now it looks a bit tense above the water.
Your kicking too much from the knees, and you mainly kick with your right leg, at the time your left leg should be kicking. (watch the swim away part)
Your right leg kicks when you enter your left arm, but also when you enter your right arm.
Further the usual stuff. Relax your stroke, be more core conscious, pull the water back, not down, start pulling when you have set your arm slightly before shoulder height.Not too early.
A bit too much upperbody dominated swimming. Should shift timing slightly to frontquadrant.
Try to get allready some bodyrotation in your pushoff, and than add the armmotion on the right timing with this rotation.
Good work. Looking forward to your next footage.

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