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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post

This view is reinforced by the design issues. The arithmetic for instance is incorrect, something which must be inexcusable. If I swim 25m in 30.00 secs then my 100m pace is 2:00.00 mins if the watch shows otherwise it is absurd, yet it does so and at all interval lengths.
I have the Garmin Swim and used it for more than one year without noticing anything like that. What pace does it give you for 25m in 30:00?

And, are you sure it is 30:00? The main display doesn't show hundreths. 30 seconds shown there can be anything between 29:51 and 30:50, so there may be up to a second difference which could explain the inconsistencies you see.
(Apologies if you already know that, but to see time in seconds and hudredths of a second you need to create a custom screen and choose interval time as an option. On my custom screen I have interval pace, time and SR and pace is always correct taking into account time by the 100's of a second)

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