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Originally Posted by Talvi View Post
This view is reinforced by the design issues. The arithmetic for instance is incorrect, something which must be inexcusable. If I swim 25m in 30.00 secs then my 100m pace is 2:00.00 mins if the watch shows otherwise it is absurd, yet it does so and at all interval lengths. The only reliable data is the duration of an interval and (almost always anyway) the total number of lengths.
I have not experienced any such issue with my devices, the Garmin Swim and the 920XT. I only had one opportunity to test the 920XT in the pool but I cannot see any deviation from what I got from the Garmin Swim, which appeared solid.

I agree that stroke type recognition is not very reliable--with the Garmin Swim at least. The 920XT got it right so far but it's probably just a matter of time.
Whenever I switch to strokes other than freestyle, I simply log that as drill so that I can be sure that I'm only comparing freestyle metrics.
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