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Originally Posted by sclim View Post
As far as I'm aware, the swim features are essentially the same as the 910XT -- am I right?
I don't own a 910XT but from what I have read, I have not noticed any major differences between the 910XT, the 920XT, and the Garmin Swim.
What differs is that with the 920XT the pool size can be set as low as 17 m (20 m for the 910XT and the Swim). Apparently, the 910XT does not offer a drill mode, which the other two implement.

I'm pondering on whether I should take the Garmin Swim or the 920XT to the pool in the future. The 920XT's display is much easier to read but the unit is bigger; plus, I don't have to worry about charging the Swim. On the other hand, if I don't use the Swim anymore, I can get rid of the ANT stick. Right now, I'm leaning towards using the 920XT and selling the Swim.
Decisions, decisions...
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