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I'm far from being an environmentalist but I think it is important to keep the environment clean and healthy because, well, we live in it. I cannot understand how in a country as developed as the US, people allow their bodies of water to become and remain so polluted. After all, it's not the 60's anymore...
I'll keep my fingers crossed that something changes and you get to swim in clean lakes in your country!
In Michigan there are two main sources of water pollution. (1) The sewage systems in towns and cities are old and broken. Especially in heavy rains, they overflow and run into the lakes. There is no money available to fix them. (2) The use of fertilizer which washes of into the lakes.

This year, I think for the first time, an algae bloom in Toledo Ohio made drinking water in the city poisonous. The situation is obviously becoming critical. The US is a rich country, but our politics don't function very well. We seem to be in permanent gridlock.
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