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Originally Posted by Danny View Post
Wow, what a great picture! May I ask where that lake is, especially since you were swimming in mid April?
It is the Baggersee Leopoldshafen in the southwest of Germany, very close to the Rhine.

I think it was my first outdoor swim of the year and even though we had a mild spring, I wouldn't have been able to handle it without a wetsuit. :)
The water was probably around 13/14 C, which translates to 55/57 F.

Originally Posted by Danny View Post
Also, how did you post the picture on this forum? Is it an attachment or did you use some other method? Is it a jpeg file? How big?
I did not post the picture on the forum but merely linked to it and the forum software displays the linked picture. The picture itself is on Twitter's image site (

When you compose a forum post, you can embed external pictures by clicking on the "Insert Image" icon (a rectangle with two mountains and a sun, just above your message). You will then be prompted for the URL of the picture. (You can get the URL of many pictures by right clicking on a picture in your Web browser and then selecting "Copy image URL" or something similar.) Simply paste a copied image URL and click "OK".
When you click on "Preview Post" afterwards, your linked/embedded picture should be displayed.

The size and format don't matter much but you shouldn't pick images that are too wide. I probably wouldn't go much beyond 1000 pixels because a large width has a negative influence on the layout of the thread, which gets stretched horizontally. People might have to start scrolling right and left to read posts, which can be quite annoying--and they'll blame you. :)

If the picture is not online anywhere but stored on your computer only, you can use a free service like Upload the picture there and then you can link to it.
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